Emergency Calls from Menomonee Falls to be Answered by Waukesha County

Starting next month... 911 calls from Menomonee Falls will be answered by dispatchers at the Waukesha County Communications Center. The Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Watch group hosted a meeting, Thursday, to explain to citizens how the change will work.
When you call 911 from either your landline or cell phone, it'll go to one of the 48 dispatchers at the communications center in Waukesha instead of the police department. It's going to save Menomonee Falls money because of what they'd need to spend to constantly upgrade to keep up with the times. It's a time saver because when you call 911 from your cell phone, Waukesha County dispatchers won't have to reroute you back to Menomonee Falls. They can send help immediately.

"We'll have a quicker access to a greater pool of people, especially for what we call 'high risk, low frequency' events where you need immediate resources, immediate phones answered," said Lieutenant Gene Neyhart with the Menomonee Falls Police Department.

This change does not affect non-emergency calls. Those will still be answered by the Menomonee Falls Police Department, 24 hours a day.

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