Donald Driver makes cream puffs at State Fair

NOW: Donald Driver makes cream puffs at State Fair

A former Packer is giving a big shoutout to fans.

As part of his “Thank You Fans” tour, Donald Driver put on the hair net and got down to make some cream puffs at the State Fair on Friday.

In his retirement, Driver has frequently come back since folks continue to support his charitable work.

It’s his way of demonstrating an appreciation for Wisconsinites and their traditions.

“I said as soon as I retire I want to be engrained in the state of Wisconsin. I grew up in Houston, Texas and when I first came to Green Bay it was just about making the team, but it became family. This is family and as long as the fans allow me to come back, I’m gonna keep coming back,” says Driver.

Driver says he’s back in Wisconsin at least twice a month and has a lot of stuff planned.

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