Dodge County Sheriff's Office introduces new tool to fight property theft

NOW: Dodge County Sheriff’s Office introduces new tool to fight property theft

DODGE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A new technology to mark your property as yours is coming to Southeast Wisconsin, and it's helping police identify lost or stolen items.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Department will utilize a clear adhesive called Protech that has thousands of microscopic dots unique to each packet. It's designed to be painted onto a valuable such as a cell phone or television, and then the owner registers the item online.

If the valuable item turns up stolen, the "DNA" of the adhesive will reveal the owner.

Protech is nearly invisible and takes up little space. Chances are slim that a thief will find it to scrape it off. 

Pawn shops are popular places for criminals to try to unload stolen goods.

Pawnbrokers are required to submit a list every day to law enforcement of what they acquire, including pictures and descriptions. Police then try to match things on the list with reports of stolen items.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says Protech would help return the items to owners who have reported them stolen.

He also believes it might discourage thieves.

To get the adhesive yourself, you only need to pay $6 for shipping.

Click here for more information or to register.

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