Doctors say more layers mean more protection when it comes to staying safe during the pandemic

NOW: Doctors say more layers mean more protection when it comes to staying safe during the pandemic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Metropolitan Milwaukee Area Chamber of Commerce (MMAC) hosted a Public Q&A over Zoom Tuesday, Aug. 19, and doctors weighed in on how businesses can keep employers and patrons safe during the pandemic.

Two doctors from Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin answered questions from employers and the public. 

“It is perfectly reasonable to ask for either the current test results or a vaccination card to significantly reduce the risk,” said Dr. John Raymond, CEO and president of the Medical College of Wisconsin.

That’s the decision many businesses, like Summerfest, have made. Customers are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test to enter.

Both Dr. John Raymond and Dr. Ben Weston say the more mitigation measures used the better, because the vaccine is not 100 percent effective.

“There are layers of protection that work,” said Weston, associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. “We know vaccines are probably the strongest layer of protection. We have masks is another one, distancing, ventilation or being outdoors in open air is another one.”

With the vaccine numbers in Wisconsin similar to other states, doctors say Wisconsin can expect to see the same thing as places like Arkansas, Florida and Alabama: cases slowing down and then surging again.

“I think municipalities, as well as schools and governments, and every institution needs to consider how you can combine those different layers of protection in a way that keeps the economy going, keep education going, keeps businesses going, but still keeps everyone safe,” said Weston.

Both doctors also discussed other frequently asked questions about the delta variant, masks and vaccines. 

You can watch the whole meeting here. 

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