DNC team plans convention logistics in Milwaukee

NOW: DNC team plans convention logistics in Milwaukee

DNC Chairman Tom Perez says holding the DNC in Milwaukee gives Democrats the best chance to win the presidency, and the project is on track.

“I’m very confident that we’re going to be ready and rearing to go," Perez said. "That we’re going to put on the best convention ever here in Milwaukee.”

Tuesday marked the first time the entire DNC team had all been in Milwaukee together, to straighten out everything from safety to hotels to logistics inside Fiserv Forum.

“Get a real sense of how they want this convention to go," Host committee chairman Alex Lasry said. "What are some of their big ideas, and get a lot of the initial planning stages and stuff out of the way, so the technical team can take it from there.”

Lasry says the city is still going strong on fundraising, and found nearly 7,000 volunteers.

Lasry, also the Bucks Senior Vice President,  said Tuesday is basically opening day for the DNC.

“There’s this excitement that can only happen during the regular season, and that’s where we are today," Lasry said. "We’re at the beginning of the regular season for the convention planning process.”

Perez says he’s ready to show the world that the Democratic party lines up with the story f Milwaukee.

"The story of Milwaukee is the story of america," Perez said. "It’s the story of resilience. It’s the story of a union town fighting back. It’s the story of a majority-minority city embracing it’s diversity. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what the Democratic party is about. That’s what america is about.”

The DNC team will continue holding meetings in Milwaukee Wednesday.

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