DNC Chair Perez confident party can 'put on a show' for 2020 convention

NOW: DNC Chair Perez confident party can ’put on a show’ for 2020 convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- DNC Chairman Tom Perez said Friday buying an extra five weeks for the 2020 Milwaukee convention will help ensure the party can send it’s message to voters, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While this is an unprecedented pandemic for us, we must, we have an election coming up in 213 days," Perez said. "In the middle of the Civil War, 1864, we held an election.”

The DNC has already been in contact with hotels as far away as O’Hare Airport to make sure those spaces are still available for delegates.

“Those conversations will continue, and we’re very confident that we’re going to be able to accommodate all of our delegates who will be coming.”

Convention CEO Joe Solmonese said they are still working with public health officials on basic things like the schedule.

“The tradition of the convention is that it generally unfolds over four nights," Solmonese said. "You know, that may be reduced for a variety of reasons.”

Perez said he’s confident they can still put on a robust  and inclusive convention regardless of what happens.

“We may have to change some of our tactics in terms of how we do it, depending on our situation on the ground, but I'm confident that we can put on a good show.”

Perez agreed with Solmonese that given the timing of the November election for president, it will be virtually impossible to delay the convention any further.

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