Discovery World summer campers really go inside the body at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

A summer camp like none she can recall was featured Wednesday in \"Our Stories with Michele\" on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m.

\"Inside the Human Body\" summer camp at Discovery World inspired future doctors and scientists by taking some very smart 6th through 8th graders to Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

The students watched brain surgery and got to simulate the procedure with the surgeons themselves.

 \"I could watch it all day,\" 7th grader Amjed Kabash told CBS 58 News. \"I really liked seeing the brain. Seeing how the vessels work. The tumor, getting it out, the suction. Seeing the tools and how they use it.\"

The summer camp bolsters what they're learning about anatomy in the classroom, only this will provide access to equipment and experts they wouldn't  get otherwise. 

\"The kids were able to see our brand new operating room for our neurosciences program,\" explained Nina Garlie of Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center. \"They also were in the gallery to watch and interact with the surgeons.\"

Paul Mech with Discovery World says now when they encounter such topics this  school year, the students will have a jump start.

\"They're also able to go more in depth with the organs and do dissections with a lot more confidence.\"

There's no sitting around the fire with s'mores for these campers.

Their day will end by dissecting sheep brains.

\"I think it's a cool experience. We get to dive into the projects. See what we've been talking about,\" said 6th grader Ali Mueller. \"The dissection of a brain is what I'm really really excited for.\"

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