Department of Justice hands over report on officer involved shooting of Tony Robinson in Madison

On Friday the Department of Justice handed over its findings about the night Tony Robinson, 19, was shot dead by Madison Police Officer Matthew Kenny.

In a statement released to the media, investigators said there was no way to issue a deadline on when a decision would be made on charges.

\"The DA could request additional investigation which would result in additional reports from DCI. It is also important to recognize that our reports are only a part of the large amount of information which the DA will consider before issuing his findings.\"

Robinson's mother sat down for an interview with CBS 58's David Ade shortly after confirmation went public that this first phase of the probe was over.

She says will wait for complete answers and declined to comment directly on Officer Kenny. 

\"Right now I can't make any judgement on what I would want for him because I don't know what happened,\" Andrea Irwin said.

The family now has a lawyer and he says he has faith in the process.

\"I have no reason to suspect that they aren't doing their job as well as they can,\" John Cates told CBS 58 News.

Robinson's mother said the rumor mongering and talk about her son's past conviction for armed robbery is unfair because it doesn't tell the complete story and that people should be fair when recalling the life of Robinson.

\"Everybody wants to talk about his criminal history about the one thing he did in his life. Nobody talks about the fact that he graduated six months early from high school, that when he did work he stayed at his jobs for a length of time. That he was the man of the house and that he helped me take care of my kids. He was a great kid.\"

She's also calling for peace and ask that nobody create a negative disturbance on behalf of her son.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval says he won't make a decision about Officer Kenny's future on the force until the criminal probe is complete.

\"Did Officer Kenny follow his training from what you've seen?\" asked CBS 58's David Ade.

\"As you probably know there's a parallel investigation administratively for us,\" answered Chief Koval. \"He has rights of due process, rights of employability, until or unless we find he transgressed in procedure. Right now it's unknown.\"

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