Demonstrators in Madison call for action during 'Day Without Latinos and Immigrants'

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Hundreds called for action on issues concerning undocumented immigrants at the State Capitol Monday, May 2. 

Voces de la Frontera and other groups organized a demonstration in Madison. It was part of the two-day general strike called "A Day without Latinos and Immigrants." Demonstrators called for state lawmakers to pass legislation to allow licenses and in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants. 

Among officials showing solidarity was Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. 

Demonstrators told CBS 58 seeing the large showing of support shows unity behind their causes. 

"I got to see a community behind me and that was very positive and more than that it just showed me that there is change to be made and that and a community is stronger together," said Keydi Osorio, chair of board of directors with Dreamers of Wisconsin. 

"We stand strong with you all in this fight," said Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes. "Together and only together we can and will make a difference in our state, in our country." 

Demonstrators also called on the Biden Administration to use executive action for protections of undocumented immigrants. 

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