Demolition process now underway of Cambria mill

NOW: Demolition process now underway of Cambria mill

An explosion nearly 6 weeks ago killed 5 workers and left a corn milling plant in ruins.

The CEO of Didion Milling has promised to rebuild but before that can begin, what's left of the plant must be demolished.

The demolition process started Monday morning, shortly after 10 a.m.

It's a dangerous job so workers have to be meticulous. They spent a long time securing the area.

Didion Milling President Riley Didion says they want to be respectful of the families involved in the tragedy. They also want to remember the past while looking towards the future.

"I know that a good portion of it was getting through the grieving process."

Mr. Didion says he can't put a timeline on how long the process will take. It could be done as early as Tuesday or it could take a week.

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