Democrat Senate candidates take aim at Ron Johnson, 2022 race during state convention

NOW: Democrat Senate candidates take aim at Ron Johnson, 2022 race during state convention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The final day of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's State Convention gave U.S. Senate candidates a platform to tout their reasons why they believe they are the best ones to win the seat currently held by Republican Senator Ron Johnson in 2022.

The field so far includes political office holders like State Treasurer Sara Godlewski, State Senator Chris Larson and Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson.

"That's the problem," Godlewski said during her speech. "Ron Johnson cares more about conspiracy theories and Trumpism than Wisconsinites and working families."

"We can do it if we work together," Larson said. "That's the way we've always done it, that's the way we've always been successful."

"Two-thirds of the U.S. Senate are millionaires, including Ron Johnson," Nelson told convention attendees. "Adding another billionaire or millionaire is not the answer."

The field also includes political newcomers, including Dr. Gillian Battino of Wasau and Bucks Senior VP Alex Lasry. Milwaukee entrepreneur Steven Olikara spoke at the convention along with the candidates but has only announced an exploratory committee for a potential candidacy.

"We're going to be talking and representing not just the fifty-some-odd percent of people that are voting for me but 100% of the state," Lasry said.

"We need someone who knows how to build policy that works for everyone," Battino said. "I have done this work with universities, non-profits and the World Health Organization."

"At this moment, Democrats, we are called to win this Senate race and reaffirm our democratic values." Olikara said.

Sen. Johnson has not said if he will be seeking re-election.

The state GOP will be holding their convention in Wisconsin Dells later this month.

In a statement, state GOP Chairman Andrew Hitt said:

"Today, Wisconsin Democrats are trotting out the most out-of-touch liberals they could find. Their Senate candidates include trust fund baby Alex Lasry who has skated through life thanks to his billionaire father’s New York money and DC consultant Sarah Godlewski who continues to give Wisconsinites new reasons not to trust her."

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