Definitive answers remain elusive in MH370 probe

Investigators may have hit a dead end in their quest to say with certainty whether a piece of airplane debris found in the Indian Ocean comes from a Malaysian passenger jet that disappeared mysteriously in 2014.

The Malaysian Prime Minister said a few weeks ago that the debris clearly is from MH370, which disappeared with 239 people aboard in March 2014. Investigators in France said there were \"very strong presumptions\" that the debris, called a flaperon, was from MH370 but that further testing was needed to say that with ironclad confidence,.

Now comes word that a Spanish company has told French investigators that it cannot tell with certainty from consulting its records whether the flaperon found on Reunion Island came from MH370, a French source close to the investigation told CNN. The flaperon is from a Boeing 777 -- and MH370 was a Boeing 777 -- but the company can't say with certainty that the flaperon found on Reunion Island comes from the missing plane, the source said.

MH370 is the only Boeing 777 that is unaccounted for after getting lost over water in the region.

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