Culture of Evil art exhibit at Cardinal Stritch University

FOX POINT-After several years of work, two art instructors finally have their exhibit on display at Cardinal Stritch University.

From digital photography to needlepoint to sculpture, video and graphic design, they explore and test the traditional notions about wickedness in our society.

Some of the depictions may bring to mind crimes you'd rather forget since the images feature real life murderers.

\"We just started thinking  about what constitutes evil,\" explained Robin Assner. \"Is someone born evil? is this a learned behavior? is it biology? So,  we're really trying to come at it at least in this exhibition posing those questions to the viewer.\"

The exhibit not only looks at human biology and experience, but asks whether bystanders are complicit.

As co creator Sarah Nitschke put it, \"In most cases, not all of course, it's a complex situation.The genesis of a violent action is multiple steps.\"

\"A Culture of Evil\" is located in the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery which is open from noon until 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday on the Stritch campus.

The exhibit will be on display through March 9th.

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