Crane tips over in construction zone along US 45 near Bluemound

A small crane tipped over along US 45 around 1:45 Wednesday afternoon when the asphalt underneath a 4,500 pound machine gave way.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says there were no injuries.

There are rolling closures that started around 7pm from North Ave to Bluemound-just southbound.

The mishap happened while the crane  was lifting concrete to pour a concrete barrier. 

The operator emerged unscathed. 

Crews on scene say all the proper safety precautions were in place. 

The exact location was just south of  Bluemound on west side of 45, next to Zoofari on the zoo grounds. 

The wall that they were pouring was damaged, but otherwise damages were minor. 

The plan it to stand it back up by late Wednesday night.

Construction in the area is still going on.

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