Congressman Sean Duffy Speaks to CBS 58 before the Republican National Convention

We'll hear from three Wisconsin speakers tonight at the Quicken Loans Arena.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy joined by his wife, Rachel Campos Duffy.

CBS 58 sat down with Congressman Duffy this morning to go over his speech and the convention.

Duffy says this may be the first time since 1984 a republican presidential candidate can win Wisconsin, but admits the last two Marquette Law School polls shows there's a lack of full enthusiasm among Republicans in southeast Wisconsin.

Duffy says he wants to talk directly to those traditional Wisconsin republican voters who may now be thinking about sitting this election out.

"You might wish there was somebody else to vote for, you might hope and pray there was someone else to vote for but there isn't. It is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And so I think what is going to have to happen is people in southeast Wisconsin are going to have to make the decision do I want to vote for Hillary or do I want to vote for Donald. But no matter what they do their actions will have an impact on this race,” Duffy said.

Other Wisconsin delegates, CBS 58 spoke with today also talked about how important this week is to excite Republican voters and says Duffy he wants to see trump stick to a set script more than he has.

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