Congressman Pocan will Attend Town Hall in Speaker Ryan's District

NOW: Congressman Pocan will Attend Town Hall in Speaker Ryan’s District

Congressman Mark Pocan is the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the most left-leaning wing among House Democrats.

That group has started a new strategy of hosting town halls in Republican districts, especially in those districts where Republicans are not hosting in-person, public, town halls.

This idea came to life after House Republicans approved a deal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

A group called Forward Kenosha, invited both Pocan and Speaker Paul Ryan to Friday’s town hall, and only Pocan accepted the invite.

Thursday, Ryan was asked if he's going to do any in-person town halls.

Ryan said, "I am doing a lot of ones in factories in businesses, and I find the best way is I do them after dinner, on the phone at night so people can get me when it is convenient for them. And those have been very very successful for me, I am going to keep doing those."

The Kenosha Forward town hall will be held on Friday at 1pm, at the UAW Local 72 hall in Kenosha, 3615 Washington Road.

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