"Completely devastated:" Bride speaks out after wedding cards stolen

NOW: “Completely devastated:“ Bride speaks out after wedding cards stolen

What happened just hours after Amber and Ryan's wedding reception left no room for newlywed bliss. Someone stole all the cards before they had a chance to read them. The bride spoke only to CBS 58 News about what happened.

The couple was hoping to make some repairs to the home they live. But instead, they spent the hours and days after their wedding reception calling police, banks, and apologizing to their guests.

"To tell our guests that came that supported us all through our engagement, wedding day and then to tell them it's gone," said the bride Amber Koll.

Just hours after their reception in Mayville, they were loading up their gifts and cards.

"And we put in the back of our 4-door pickup truck. within about a 5 minute span they were taken, all of them," said the bride.

Their story has spread on social media, and through the local news but no one has turned in any tips about the basket and the cards inside.

"We're completely, completely devastated."

Amber Koll says the sadness isn't about the money.

"It's more of the thoughts and well wishes and funny cards."

While the bride and groom hope someone will return the cards and what's written inside of them, this thief hasn't taken everything...

"It was an absolutely beautiful and perfect day, and nobody can ever take that."

The couple asks any one that may know or have seen anything to call Mayville police.

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