Civil case against Former Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke underway

NOW: Civil case against Former Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke underway

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – The civil case against former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke began Monday (January 22).

The trial revolves around a run-in between the former sheriff and a Milwaukee man on an airplane.

The seven jurors were determining if Clarke violated Black’s first amendment rights and if so – what damages is he entitled to?

Monday’s hearing stems from an incident on a flight from Dallas to Milwaukee. Dan Black claims he shook his head at then Sheriff David Clarke in disapproval of the Cowboy’s gear he was wearing.

The lawsuit claims deputies detained Black and questioned him at the airport.

This was all followed by ‘taunting facebook posts’ written by Clarke.

The jurors looked at several pieces of evidence which included the complaint filed, as well as various tweets, and posts regarding the matter.

The court heard from six witnesses including Black’s parents, an ex-girlfriend, two friends, and Black himself.

While on the stand, Black and his mother shed tears about the negative impact the case has had on Black, his family, and friends.

Some of the emotional injuries Black claims to be suffering from are sleepless nights, humiliation, broken relationships, and an inability to find a job because of the memes and messages online.

Black is asking for money to help get therapy for the emotional distress he’s going through. But overall, he says he want so make sure something like this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

CBS 58 asked Clarke’s attorney if he knew where the former sheriff was but he said he did not know.

After leaving his post with the county, the former sheriff moved to Virginia.

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