City of Milwaukee starts vaccinating people 65 years of age and older

NOW: City of Milwaukee starts vaccinating people 65 years of age and older


MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) – More than 650 people ages 65 years of age and older were vaccinated by the end of the day on Monday, Feb.1.

Another 800 will be vaccinated Tuesday.

Today kicked off that milestone at the Wisconsin Center for eligible people in the city.

“It didn’t hurt and I’m afraid of needles,” says Marva Meinert.

Meinert, 70, received her first dose at the Wisconsin Center.

“It’s important to me that I do it for myself as well as my children and grandchildren,” says Meinert.

Mienert says she registered through the city’s website about two weeks ago and received a phone call over the weekend confirming Monday’s appointment.

“We’ve dedicated first two days here, Monday and Tuesday, for 65 and older,” says Nick Tomaro, emergency plan coordinator for the city of Milwaukee.

In an effort to help fill Monday's slots, the city reached out to local groups and organizations like housing authority.

Officials estimate 5,000 doses will be administered at the Wisconsin Center this week. This includes those getting their second dose from previous eligible groups.

“People should think about themselves, their families, and others,” says Meinert. “And they should take this opportunity because we’ve lost too many.”

Meinert says she lost a sister-in-law to the virus. She has had a number of family members who were infected with the virus and thankfully, recovered. Even after her second dose, she says she will still continue to take safety measures.

“I have to still do quarantine and the same as I’ve been doing all along,” says Meinert. “I can’t take a chance.”

If you are in the eligible age group, you can register for an appointment here.

You can also call the vaccine hotline to register over the phone.

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