City of Greenfield facing criticism for requiring more permits for food trucks

NOW: City of Greenfield facing criticism for requiring more permits for food trucks

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The city of Greenfield is facing some strong criticism for requiring more permits for food trucks than in the past.

The owner of one food truck called "Fire Wise Barbeque Co." says the decision is pricing mobile-cooks out of the market.

"It's effectively going to ban food trucks from the city because it's a $450 application fee. And that's just to apply, it doesn't mean it gets approved," food truck owner Alex Obradovich.

He's already crossed one location off the menu. He used to set-up outside of Rogan's Shoes on Thursday - but he says the property owner got notification from the city that new special use permits would be needed if that was going to continue.

"We didn't know what it was about. I was confused because we've asked for permits up front. We're told we didn't need any. The lady tells me apparently this has been overlooked throughout the years. There's no other food trucks in Greenfield that have ever purchased this permit," Obradovich said.

Also on Tuesday, an amendment to the ordinance regarding food trucks was being considered at the Greenfield Plan Commission meeting. The discussion defined food trucks as "mobile food services" and the proposed change would require each mobile vehicle to obtain a special use permit.

Alderman Karl Kastner said food trucks are "...trying to operate a restaurant at a non-restaurant facility" and it's "...not fair to brick and mortar to some degree."

Obradovich, who also sells BBQ in New Berlin, says the city is being over-restrictive.

"I don't recall any other cities in the state requiring special use permits for food trucks so this would be somewhat of a precedent they're setting," Obradovich said.

There will eventually be a public hearing on this issue - but as it stands right now, a special used permit would be required for a location that a food truck parks at, according to the city code.

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