City Council denies exemption to allow Police Chief's son into department

NOW: City Council denies exemption to allow Police Chief’s son into department

Waukesha, WIS. (CBS 58) -- The Waukesha Police Chief's son will not be working for the police department. CBS 58 was the only station there when the decision was made.

Many people who attended the city council meeting were disappointed.

People wrote letters and made calls asking the city to let Derek Jack, the police chief's son, to work for the Waukesha Police Department.

Despite the efforts, The City Council denied it 13 to 1.

"Not getting the job because of my last name is wrong. I have earned this job and I went through a rigorous training to get into the Waukesha Police Department," said the Chief's son Derek Jack.

He is one of the top candidates, met all the requirements, passed all the tests, but the city realized it violated a policy about hiring family members because his dad is the Waukesha Police Chief. 

"I understand the difference between work-life balance. One is work and one is life. I respect the process this decision has gone through," said Alderman Aaron Perry. 

The policy states that no family member can directly supervise another family member.At the last meeting, the Common Council President asked the HR Committee to make an exception but it was rejected 0 to 5.

"It would be a shame to have someone who has already been going through the training, who has gotten to know the city of Waukesha footprint. It would be a shame to see him fall through the cracks," said Susie Taylor who knows Derek Jack. 

Derek Jack said he's been applying to other law enforcement agencies. 

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