Citizens Weigh In On Milwaukee's Safety Issues During A Public Hearing

MILWAUKEE - "The list is not complete." Those were the words from city leaders to neighbors about the work needed to make their community safer.

Dozens met with Alderman Bob Donovan and the Public Safety Committee to discuss issues the city faces. Reducing neighborhood gun violence was a top priority. People also expressed frustration over parking and the recent spike in accidents involving young car thieves. A lack of police presence and response in certain areas was another issue brought up.

"I challenge to find ways to figure this out. I mean why don't we have enough police officers out there? Where are we going to find the money to pay for them? They are overworked. I think we need more beat officers in the streets." 

Yesterday's meeting was the first of many public safety hearings in Milwaukee. The next one is October 15th and 9:30 a.m. at Obama High School. If you can't make that one, there will also be one held October 22nd at South division High School and October 29th and Pulaski High School. You'll find a full list under the links section of our website.

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