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Chimney Sweeps in Chief are actually from Wisconsin, continuing tradition of free services to White House

On August 14th through the 16th, five southeastern Wisconsin residents will be on the roof of the White House cleaning and inspecting the chimneys.

This project was established in 1993 when a cold phone call was placed to the White House offering to clean the chimneys at no charge in an effort to help reduce the budget deficit.

The team from Wisconsin will have help from four other chimney sweeps from across the nation.

Founder Jeff Schmittinger invited them to give a national feeling.

He says this continues to be an honor to service the chimneys in this historic building.

"We do it for free. Even now," Schmittinger tells CBS 58 News." Absolutely no bills given to federal government. figured we saved the federal government $97,000 over the years."

Also helping is Howard Rowell, Owner of Royal Chimney Service in Wauwatosa.

"It's incredible," Rowell told the CBS 58 News at 4. "It's just a great feeling. It's a way of giving back that we do the best."

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