Chicago Woman Wakes up in a Field in Washington County Not Knowing How She Left Chicago

A Chicago woman woke up in a field in Washington County not knowing where she was or that she left the city of Chicago.

According to Washington County Sheriff, a citizen reported stopping to assist a female that was walking on Hwy 164 near Hwy 175 in the Town of Polk on Wednesday at 9:24pm.

The female appeared to be in distress and the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by the citizen. Upon our contact with the 25-year-old Chicago woman, she was crying and stated she woke up in a nearby field and was wearing clothes that she did not recognize.

She advised the deputy the last thing she recalled was drinking at a bar in the City of Chicago.

She advised she was not a victim of any criminal behavior including any type of sexual assault. She did not want to provide further information and simply wanted to get home to Chicago. The female initially provided the deputy with a false name.

Due to the suspicious circumstances she was escorted to the Washington County Jail to confirm her identity as well as to interview her in more detail.

Her actual name was affirmatively identified, and it was determined she was not wanted by any law enforcement agency.

She also acknowledged she had a drug history, but was not currently under the influence of any type of controlled substance. 

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