Changes to Parking Lot for U.S. Open

For those who have a ticket to the U.S. Open Golf Championship at Erin Hills, you you thought about where you're going to park?

Officials are saying you should plan ahead.

Today it was announced the spectator parking "red" lot has changed locations.

It will now be at the Washington County Fair Park. The news isn't new to the fair -- they were originally the rain back up.

U.S. Open officials were worried the other lot would be too muddy.

On the fair grounds there are 900 paved spots, and if those fill up the fair has opened the entire grounds for parking.

Unless the USGA gave you a VIP ticket, the only place you can park is the red lot or the blue lot.

The parking and shuttle are free. Spectators should also make sure they get to the parking lots early. They will go through security (metal detectors and bag checks) before getting on the bus rather than at Erin Hills. It's about a 20 minute ride to Erin Hills from both lots.

The choice to keep the lots closer to the highways is to eliminate traffic and congestion. As many as 16,000 vehicles are expected for the U.S. Open on any given day, and the highways leading to Erin Hills aren't equipped for that many cars.

"Rather than have all those vehicles converge on Erin Hills, converge on these main highways that lead into Erin Hills, essentially what we do is institute a satellite parking transportation system," said Eric Steimer, U.S. Open championship manager.

There is a drop off spot at an elementary school next to the course. That can be used for those being driven by a family or friend or those taking a taxi or ride share service.

All the parking information can be found at

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