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CBS 58 storm spotters are our eyes and ears when bad weather strikes

(CBS 58) -- Doppler radar is just one form of technology we have to use during severe weather.  But just as important are the trained spotters who are deployed to report on what's happening in real time.  We have a network of them here at CBS 58, including 31-year old Chris Keske from Greenfield.  He's been doing this for 20 years now.  He relies on his 2006 Ford Explorer, fully equipped with everything you need to successfully be a spotter, including a radar, camera for live streaming, weather radio, and an old fashioned scanner.  He says he doesn't consider himself a chaser since he's so hyper local.  Meantime, this trained professional has advice for those who want to chase tornadoes.

Keske says he uses an online "walkie talkie" of sorts when communicating out in the field.  He also says it's a miracle his windshield hasn't cracked after all the hailstorms he's experienced over the years.  

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