Caught on Tape: Woman Battling Cancer Reunited with Lost Dog

CBS 58-- Sometimes stories take unexpected turns and that’s exactly what happened when CBS 58 went to interview a Kenosha woman battling cancer, who was desperately searching for her missing dog.

As we set up to interview the Leipzigs about Cash, their missing pit bull, the phone rang. Someone found the dog. A few minutes later, Cash was reunited with his family.

“I was very happy happy, surprised, shocked,” said Alyssa Leipzig, one of the dog’s owners.
“This is sure a bright spot, we needed it so bad,” added Alyssa’s mom, Lynn Leipzig.

Cash is more than a family pet in this household. The dog once belonged to Alyssa's boyfriend, who passed away. Now Cash provides comfort for Lynn.
“Cash has been a lifeline for me,” Lynn said.

Lynn is currently battling stage 4 lung cancer. Cash, stays by her side through it all.

“He's become my best friend. my confidante. we talk,” Lynn said. “He doesn't listen to me very often but I keep talking.”

Lynn says the last few months of treatments have been rough, but the last few days without cash have been unbearable.

It’s the comfort of knowing he's coming home tonight. and he's gonna be sleeping in his bed where he belongs and when i wake up, he'll be there,” Lynn sad.

Cash had a collar and tags, but the family says they will now be getting a microchip and they encourage other dog owners to do the same.

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