Caught on dash cam: Sheboygan County police chase reaches speeds of 115 MPH

Caught on dash cam: Sheboygan County police chase reaches speeds of 115 MPH

SHEBOYGAN COUNTY (CBS 58) -- CBS 58 has obtained dash cam video of a Sheboygan County police chase that reached speeds of 115 miles per hour.

The footage shows that sirens, lights, even a flat tire didn’t stop the driver.

Sheboygan County Sheriff’s deputies were alerted to Joseph Quasius’s swerving and erratic driving last month while on I-43 North.

The 25-year-old wouldn’t pull over, and police say he accelerated to 115 miles per hour.

Then he headed for the Sheboygan complex where he lives.

A neighbor, Laurie Russo, said she heard the sirens and when she went outside, she saw Quasius go through a ditch.

Officers say that blew out one of Quasius’s tires, but he continued back to the highway then looped back toward his neighborhood again.

In front of his house, Quasius crashed into a Sheriff’s squad car, then with a tree and a parked vehicle in a neighbor’s driveway. Police used pepper spray on him when they say he wouldn’t cooperate with their instructions.

Quasius is charged with three felonies as well as OWI, possession of THC and obstructing an officer.

The final showdown played out with Quasius’s wife and four children watching.

“My husband was under a lot of stress and that day was just his turning point with his mental illnesses and I think he blacked out,” Michelle Quasius said. “He doesn't remember anything."

Michelle says her husband’s been hospitalized in the past and would like that for him again instead of prison. She says he’s now being tested for his mental competency.

"The kids saw everything and he obviously didn't want that for his kids," Michelle said.

Police say Quasius blew a 0.146 on a Breathalyzer, nearly double the legal limit.

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