Candidates urge voters to hit the polls

Candidates are in the home stretch.

Democratic challenger Mary Burke and Republican Governor Walker are spending the last few days traveling the state .They're hoping to win undecided voters.

Each candidate using these last few days to remind voters what they and their opponent stand for.

\"He has not gotten the job done. Our economy is lagging. He made the biggest cuts in education and he has divided our state,\" said Burke while visiting Milwaukee.

\"Our opponents have poured millions of dollars in attack ads, largely funded by people in DC. They're hoping voters want to be against something. Our ads are me telling you what I'm for, a better wisconsin, a better future for our children,\" said Walker while visiting Racine County.

The latest Marquette poll which came out last week shows Walker leads Burke with 50% of likely voters, While Burke has 43%.

The previous poll which came out two weeks ago showed they were tied.

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