Candidates spend Labor Day speaking with voters, sharing messages

NOW: Candidates spend Labor Day speaking with voters, sharing messages

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Just a little over two months until Election, candidates were out and about on Labor Day talking to voters and sharing their message.

Randy Bryce, running for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional seat, was at Milwaukee’s Laborfest Parade with the Steel Union Workers.

“Organized labor is the answer to organized greed,” he said.

Bryce is running against Republican Bryan Steil who was out at several area Labor Day events this weekend sharing his message.

“I’m out there every day talking to voters about the issues that are on their mind about how we keep creating high wage jobs in Wisconsin, how we lower the cost of health care, and how we prepare workers for the jobs of future,” Steil said.

Democrat Tony Evers, who is running against Governor Scott Walker, was out shaking hands with voters out at Laborfest.

Outside the festival, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin spoke about her bill to promote apprenticeship programs and a bill to push buying American goods.

“I see people struggling to get ahead and I see a system that doesn’t reward the dignity of their labor, and I think that all working people union or not need to stick together and make sure their voices are heard,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin is running against Republican State Senator Leah Vukmir. Vukmir was out in the Wausau area Monday.

“This Labor Day, I'm proud to celebrate more Wisconsinites working than ever before in state history,” Vukmir said. “Wages are up, we're seeing incredible economic growth, and unemployment is below 3%. Now, we need a senator who will take the Wisconsin Way and this economic miracle to Washington.”

Governor Scott Walker tweeted about the Labor Day holiday.

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