Caledonia Police Issue Warning About A Secret Shopper Scam

Caledonia - The Village of Caledonia Police Department has issued a warning about a "Secret Shopper Scam." This scam appears to target those who want to work from home.

The scam works like this: You are sent by mail a "check" of $2455 and a letter from the National Shopping Service Network with instructions on what to do. The N.S.S.N. is an actual company with a warning on their website about this scam ( The letter tells you to cash the check, what to spend the money on, include purchasing 4 Kroger reload vouchers (cards) for $550 each. You then keep the $255 remaining for salary and transportation and call the number provided with the Kroger reload reference numbers off the cards.

This is a fake check and if you cash it, you will owe the bank money. All they want is those numbers from the reload cards. They even give you a number to text saying you got the package. The Village of Caledonia Police replied to one and got a stock answer to follow the instructions in the letter.

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