Bucks-themed fire hydrants unveiled at new Milwaukee Bucks arena

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Crews are down to the final details at the Milwaukee Bucks arena site. 

Milwaukee Water Works unveiled new Bucks-themed fire hydrants at the arena Monday morning. The design for the fire hydrants came from Milwaukee Water Works staff member Chad Schuster. 

"Went home one day and I was like, I should paint a Bucks hydrant. So I just painted it and I just brought it to work, just to see, just jokin' around and the next thing you know, it blew up," said Schuster. 

"It's fresh, it's bright. How do you really create and change people's feelings, like as they walk through an area and this has to be the most welcoming, great, experiential place in the world. And little touches like that are what helps make it that," said Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin. 

Milwaukee Water Works will come up with the Bucks-themed designs for all 15 of the hydrants at the arena. 

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