Brookfield Police not Revealing Motive Behind Drive-By

Brookfield police still have not said what the possible motivation was behind a drive-by shooting on Wednesday evening.
Authorities have only said that the crime which put a mother and child in the line of gunfire was not random.
In addition to the risks posed to everyone in this surrounding neighborhood near Burleigh Road, a 27-year-old man was hit in the chin and upper leg. 
Authorities said he was released from Froedert hospital on Thursday.
The unidentified suspect is also still on the loose.
Police report the couple says they were followed to a spot near Pilgrim road by a small white SUV with tinted windows.
They told police they noticed the vehicle was following them while driving near W. Capitol Drive and Calhoun Road.
While authorities have not spoken about what the connection is between the two drivers, Brookfield police said it was not a road rage incident.
Instead they're calling it a targeted attack and said the public is not in danger.
The suspect still has not been arrested. Authorities say none of the people involved are from this area where the drive-by happened.
Neither the child nor the mother were injured during the shooting.
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