Brewers tweet card sent to Christian Yelich from 8-year-old fan

NOW: Brewers tweet card sent to Christian Yelich from 8-year-old fan

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Brewers' Christian Yelich celebrated his birthday December 5th.

What do you get the MVP for his birthday? A local 8-year-old has some ideas and the Brewers are on board.

Friday they tweeted out a birthday card for Yelich. The author: Jacob Tomczuk and his sister, Anna.

The card starts out, "Dear Mr. Yelich, My sister did the drawing. The card I drew was terrible."

The big brewers fan even had a present in mind for the MVP. A movie about another MVP... the 2000 film from Air Bud Entertainment called, "MVP: Most Valuable Primate."

"I wrote I wanted to send him this movie called, 'Most Valuable Primate,'" said Jacob Tomczuk.

What was the idea behind the card?

"I think it was in April that Jacob said to me, 'Mom, Christian Yelich is my favorite player,'" said Lacey Tomczuk, Jacob's mom.

Lacey says her son had looked up Yelich's birthday and kept the date in mind.

"It was December 3rd, and I said, 'If you're going to send him a card you better get working on it,'" said Lacey Tomczuk.

Jacob had a simpler answer.

"Because he is my favorite player and it was his birthday in two days."

This isn't the first interaction the Tomczuk family has had with the Brew Crew.

Mom, dad and the six kids are all Brewers fans.

The whole family and the dog dressed up as the team for Halloween.

And the three brothers invited multiple players to the their birthday party in August.

Jacob asked his mom if he could invite Christian Yelich to his birthday party. She was hesitant and told him, "It's not that I won't let you, it's that he's a baseball player, it's July, and he's really busy. So I said, 'Write the letter.' He did. He spent a lot of time writing it. We sent it, and the gift came from the Brewers," said Lacey.

The team had just finished playing the Colorado Rockies, but still sent some well wishes.

"He sent a card with everyone's signature on it, Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun, Eric Thames and Jesus Aguilar," said Jacob.

"When Jacob opened his birthday gift I was almost in tears because he was so excited... it was amazing and really touching to see how much these professional athletes care about their fans," said Lacey.

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