Brewers Pitcher Neil Cotts goes beyond the diamond to read to Milwaukee kids

Sure seems simple enough. Sit down, grab a book and read out loud to a kid. 

Brewers Pitchers Neil Cotts and Coach Joe Crawford stopped by the Next Door Foundation in Milwaukee along with their families.

They then sat down and read stories Friday afternoon in the brand new Rookie Training Room which was sponsored by the Brewers Community Foundations and the Brewers Wives. 

\"They were enjoying the books,\" Cotts commented. \"Most of them, I'm sure, they've read before. It's kind of neat. They got to take one afterward. Maybe they'll remember in a year or two from now that's where they got the book from.\"

This was a big thrill for the Next Door Foundation which has quietly gone about its work of providing educational and social services to Milwaukee families. 

\"Our goal is to get kids ready for first grade,\" said volunteer coordinator Martina Stevens. \"For somebody to value that, means a lot to us. They came to spend time with you and read to you. These children will go home and talk about this.\"

Kids look up to pro-athletes and yet you got the sense it could be any adult, just taking the time to share a story.

A chapter in these young lives that could just re-write their story from here. 

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