BMO Celebrates Bicentennial By Inviting Bucks Fans to Make a Wish

MILWAUKEE - Families at last night's Bucks game were wishing for a win but not just for the team. They wanted some things for themselves, and technology could make their dreams come true.

Instead of the traditional way of tossing a coin into a fountain, families used their cell phones in hopes that their dreams would come true. 

"It's really fun and exciting," said Justine Fedak, the Senior Vice President of marketing for BMO Financial Group.

Who needs change anymore, to throw a coin into a fountain to make a wish when you can do the same thing with a click of a button. BMO Financial Group went ahead of the curve, debuting its BMO 200 Fountain at the Milwaukee Buck's Game to celebrate the company's 200th anniversary. 

"This means a lot I think. We saw a lot of grandparents with their grandchildren, standing together with their phones, putting them toward the fountain, flipping the coin. But what it's really all about is listening to the conversations of what they were wishing for," said Senior Vice President Fedak.

For some kids, it was simple. "A pony so I can ride it along the beach."

For others, it was a chance to wish for so much more.

"I wish that my family and I will live in happiness. A lot of times, bad things happen, and I just want to try to avoid that."

And a new twist to the age-old way of making wishes. 

"Families are having conversations, and we really believe at BMO that this I something that brings people together."

If you didn't make it to the game, the company says you can still make a wish from the comfort of your home. Just visit our links section for more information on how. 

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