'Black is Beautiful': Protesters ride 16 miles around Milwaukee to support movement

NOW: ’Black is Beautiful’: Protesters ride 16 miles around Milwaukee to support movement

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Black is Beautiful.

That was the message spread throughout Milwaukee Sunday, June 21, as protesters rode across the city.

“At the end of the day life started with Black skin and we can’t take this skin off, so that’s why it’s beautiful," Black in Beautiful organizer, WebsterX, said.

For some riders, their participation was personal.

“I’m just sick of police brutality, of police corruption, sick of like everything, how the cops treat people of color, brown people, anybody," protester Elijah Walker said.

The group met at a park on the city’s east side and rode 16-miles ending at Gordon Park.

All kinds of wheels were welcomed.

Inspired by her work with youth of color in Milwaukee, Lauren Domski decided to skateboard.

“The reality is we know that a lot of those youths that we serve they have a disadvantage just being born the way that they are, and that shouldn’t be the case," Domski said.

Over the past weeks, many protesters have chosen to march throughout the city.

Ride organizers say their event was a chance to take a breath, yet still honor the movement.

“I feel like we needed a message beyond Black Lives Matter that also kind of talks about Black people’s skin and letting people know how beautiful it is," WebsterX said.

Organizers estimate more than 1,000 people supported their protest. 

Sunday's ride raised more than $15,000 to support community organizations: Walnut Way and Leaders Igniting Transformation.

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