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Black Friday Safety

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Thousands of people will flood malls and shopping centers across the country as they rush to secure the best deals as the Christmas shopping season begins. Before you head out in the early morning to line up outside your favorite stores, it’s important to educate yourself with a few helpful safety tips to ensure that your shopping trip is both successful and safe.

In the stores, people will be flooding the aisles and rushing to grab the cheapest flat screen TVs, gaming consoles and other items. This environment can get fairly dangerous and these helpful tips will keep you safe as you shop:

  1. Don’t argue or fight over an item, saving a few dollars isn’t worth bodily harm or legal troubles
  2. Don’t take your money out until a clerk asks for it, you don’t want someone to snag your cash before you get a chance to pay for your goods
  3. Keep all your receipts and closely monitor your credit card activity
  4. Ask workers for help moving or loading large and heavy products to avoid unnecessarily hurting yourself

It’s also equally important to follow safe practices in your car in the parking lot, as the large influx of pedestrians can create some tricky situations:

  1. Be patient when looking for a parking spot, don’t rush to secure an empty spot
  2. Keep an eye out for pedestrians to avoid collisions
  3. Park your vehicle in a well-lit area to deter break-ins or theft
  4. Store shopping bags out of sight, preferably in your trunk or underneath other items to discourage break-ins
  5. Look carefully for other cars before backing out, and back out slowly

If you follow these tips, your Black Friday shopping trip is guaranteed to be as safe as possible. If you or a loved one happened to be injured due to the negligence of another shopper, know that the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham are ready to take your personal injury case to secure the best possible compensation for your injuries. Our offices can be reached at 800-800-5678 or online at hupy.com.

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