Bill would revoke drivers license after fourth Wisconsin OWI

NOW: Bill would revoke drivers license after fourth Wisconsin OWI

Dan Peterson says not a day goes by, when he doesn't think about fathers day of 2015.

"My son was coming home from a veterans volunteer association pig roast," Peterson said.

But before his son Jeremy, a 31-year-old veteran, got home, a drunk driver hit the car he was sitting in.

"He died for nothing. He died for absolutely no reason because there are people in this world that have no control, who have no common sense and have no concern for their fellow man."

Peterson has since worked to increase OWI penalties with state Sen Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, who has a bill that would revoke your license after a fourth offense.

"You get to that magic number, and now you will be revoked for life possibly," Wanggaard said.

You would be allowed to reapply for a drivers license after ten years.

"But you don't get an occupational license, you cannot drive," Wanggaard said. "And if you do, you're going to go to jail. And prison."

Wanggaard says the similar offenses now equate to just months to a year off the road. Peterson says he's still angry about what happened to James, and he wants to make sure no other parents have to watch their children die.

"He was just a kid," Peterson said. "And, he had a lot to offer this world, and the world's missing out from it."

The bill was passed out of a committee last week. Wanggaard says it has bipartisan support, and he expects it to come up for a Senate floor vote in January.

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