Bill could allow some Wisconsin school districts to start classes before September 1st

BROWN DEER/MEQUON-- As students count down the days until school is out for the year, summer vacation, could be shorter.

A bill being introduced this session will allow some districts to start classes before September 1st.

"The thing to remember is, that the bill we're introducing, would not mandate that schools start before September 1st," said Rep. Jim Ott (R- Mequon), "it would give the authority back to the school board to make that decision." 

Rep. Ott wrote the legislation.

"In the past, I've introduced legislation that would say school districts, any school district, could start before September 1st, if the school board so chose, and I didn't find that was possible to advance," said Rep. Ott.

If the bill passes, school districts that have more than 20% of its high school students enrolled in AP classes can begin the school year in August.

"The tremendous amount of change, I think has really impacted all of us working to serve our public school students across the state," said Dr. Deborah Kerr, superintendent of Brown Deer School District.

Brown Deer School District is one of many that would be affected.  The superintendent says with the implementation of common core, more rigorous course work, and technology education-- change is necessary to best serve all students.

"We need to provide more opportunities that provide more rigor and experience internationally for our kids to be successful," said Dr. Kerr.

Other districts affected include Whitefish Bay, Mequon-Thiensville, and Arrowhead.

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