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Big names come to Wisconsin to campaign in Governor's race

The crowds arrived early and the camera lights were flashing, the I-phone cameras were also raised to get a glimpse of the some of the most recognizable faces in American politics.

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Milwaukee Monday campaigning for democrat Mary Burke.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was clear across the state touring a manufacturing facility with incumbent republican Governor Scott Walker.

Mrs. Obama evoked themes that Wisconsin voters have heard talk about before when successfully campaigning for her husband when he ran for president and then re-election.

\"If we all keep stepping up and brining other alone with us,\" Mrs. Obama began, \"then I know we can keep making that change we all believe in and elect Mary Burke as Governor of Wisconsin. And I know we can build a better future for our kids.\"

Governor Christie said he considered Governor Walker a friend and warned that Burke was a candidate who couldn't be trusted.

\"What really matters to me is the honesty and integrity of the person who is sitting behind that desk,\" Christie told reporters. \"It's disturbing to watch Mary Burke make the keystone of her economic plan which turns out not be her economic plan at all.\"

Some political observers say these kinds of talking points won't sway undecided voters, but can be effective in rallying volunteers and getting cash from know supporters.

\"I'm going to ask you to dig a littler deeper,\" Burke told the crowd, \" The next 36 days we need to leave it all on the field.\"

Meantime in Hudson, with sleeves rolled up and Christie by his side, Governor Walker said the choice was clear and the support invaluable.

The election is November 4th.
\"We want to keep the power in the hands of the taxpayers going forward. So, I really appreciate the support from Chris and others along the way.\"

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