Wisconsin fireworks shop struggles to stay stocked amid America's latest shortage

NOW: Wisconsin fireworks shop struggles to stay stocked amid America’s latest shortage

BALDWIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- No product is immune to supply chain shortages brought on by the pandemic. 

Lumber, HVAC equipment, food, and even fireworks.

A shortage of shipping containers in China is slowing down fireworks deliveries from that country. There are additional delay in the U.S. getting products unloaded and put on trucks. 

Fireworks have also been in high demand since last year when more people celebrated at home. One fireworks shop owner in Baldwin says he is having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

"I'd say we're short by about 30%," Cele Rasmussen, co-owner of Fireworks City in Baldwin, said. "There's going to be an increase in prices, just because shipping has doubled since last year."

Shops nationwide are reporting prices hike from 10 to 30%, and the problem is expected to continue. Ongoing manufacturing and supply delays could lead to another round of shortages next year. 

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