Attorney General candidates debate for the first time

 MILWAUKEE- Sunday was the first debate between the two candidates for Attorney General.

Republican candidate and Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel faced off against Democrat and Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ.

The two candidates were pressed on how they would defend state laws.

Schimel explained that he would enforce the laws as they are written and he described doing the opposite as \"being an activist.\"

He said the role of the Attorney General is not to be a super-legislator.

Happ explained that she is not an activist and that she is someone who will look at a law that violates the constitution and say she is not going to defend that law.

A ban on gay marriage and voter ID were used as examples in this discussion.

Happ said the Attorney General cannot be a robot.

The state's heroin epidemic, internet crimes against children, and criminalizing first offense drunk driving were all touched on.

With OWI's, the candidates found common ground.

They both said that until they see proof, the law shouldn't be changed.

The latest Marquette poll shows that the candidates for Attorney General remain unknown to more than 8 in 10 voters.

They both hope this debate and two others later in October will change that.

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