Armed Suspect Killed by Law Enforcement in Northern Wisconsin

MERRILL, Wis. (WSAW) -- Investigators said a white male shot at a police officer during a traffic stop in Antigo. A high speed chase ensued.

The chase crossed over into Lincoln County where the suspect was eventually stopped by spike stripes on Hillview Road near Highway 64 and Highway 17 in Merrill.

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Jeff Jaeger, the suspect exited his vehicle and took cover with his firearm.

The suspect remained armed during an hour long stand-off. Sheriff Jaeger says the responding officers did their best to resolve the incident without violence.

“We had some dialogue with him to try to surrender, ultimately that failed and unfortunately the individual was fatally injured by officers,” said Sheriff Jaeger.

Lincoln County led the response, but Marathon County assisted by sending the SWAT team and other resources to the scene.

Sheriff Jaeger says the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave according to protocol.

By state law, an independent agency must investigate all officer-involved shootings. Many times the Department of Justice takes the lead on those investigations.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association is responding to assist the officers with legal representation during the independent investigation.

"Though the details of this highly dangerous encounter are only beginning to emerge, it appears that officers from multiple agencies successfully collaborated to end the threat posed by an armed gunman who fired upon them. Fortunately, no officers were injured as a result of the confrontation," stated Wis. Professional Police Association Executive Director, Jim Palmer in an email to NewsChannel 7.

The cause of the original traffic stop in Antigo is not being released.

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