Antigo Police Speak to Man Believed to Be Connected to YouTube Video, Find Out Its Not Him

Antigo Police Chief said they spoke to the man that was believed to be connected to the disappearance of Kayla Berg. 

Police said he is not the person in the YouTube. 

Police said since the video was brought to their attention this past weekend they have received hundreds of tips. 

According to Antigo Police Chief, officers receive a tip from someone who stated they recognized the man in the video the police went the man’s residence last night and could not locate him. 

They were able to find him this morning he allowed them into his home and the determined he is not the person in the video. 

Police do not know where the video was shot and whether or not it was even shot in the state of Wisconsin.

They have the FBI and the Center for missing and exploited children helping them with this case and they welcome any and all tips about this missing girl.  At this point police do not know if the video is real or a hoax.

Police are working extremely hard to try to identify the male.

On Tuesday, YouTube removed the video. 

The video shows a woman yelling and chained. 

Kayla Berg went  missing in 2009, two months before the video was created.

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