All Lives Matter Event Monday at Milwaukee City Hall

 Peace for Change Alliance Inc Presents : Black Lives Matter Blue Lives Matter All Lives Matter Event Working together for a better Community At City Hall Monday September 19th, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm

Panel Guests are  State Senator Lena Taylor, Nation of Islam William Muhammad, President of Police Association Mike Crivello, County Supervisor Deanna Alexander with Moderator Quinlan Bishop.

Organizers have been  asking the community to submit questions to give to the panel.

Bishop says he hopes to replace frustration with information.

"We won't allow it to get out of hand," he told the CBS 58 News 4. "We will keep it professional. When we talk about all lives matters that's everybody's equal and I want that to be the tone of the conversation."

"It has to be rooted in truth and acknowledgment about what it wrong or what is not," added Minister Muhammad. "There has to be transparency."

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