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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community reacts to the terror attack in London

Milwaukee's Ahmadiyaa Muslim Community reacted to the attacks.

They say their needs to be more leadership within their community to stop radicalization.

"Somebody who claims to be following Islam who can go out and do an act like this, it's completely contrary of what this whole month is," said Rizwan Ahmad, a Representative with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Islam is observing the Holy Month of Ramadan which is a time for reflection and worship.

Last month, Rizwan Ahmad joined hundreds of American Muslims on a trip to London with a message of peace.

Ahmad says they are disheartened to see these attacks after their journey. 

"It's kind of ironic the extremists who claim to follow the teachings of Islam and the extremists who are Islamophobes, they site out of context verses out of the Quran where they twist it for their own political gain."

Ahmad says the local Muslim community is hosting an educational program.

They will have an open house at the Mosque near Fond du Lac, just north of Capitol next Saturday.

Everyone is welcome. 

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