A trip to Hawaii and just over $20,000: Racine couple wins big on 'Wheel of Fortune'

NOW: A trip to Hawaii and just over $20,000: Racine couple wins big on ’Wheel of Fortune’

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A couple from Racine had a big win on Wheel of Fortune Monday night - walking away with a trip to Hawaii and just over $20,000.

It was was all a surprise to the family of Eric and Kari McGaughey. The relatives were in the dark about the outcome of the broadcast.

Wheel of Fortune is pre-recorded - they might shoot as many as six in one day. The Racine couple had to keep their big win a secret for almost two months.

Watching the program, the pair critiqued their own performance while surrounded by relatives. Those relatives say it wasn't a big surprise that Eric and Kari were selected when the "Wheelmobile" came to Oak Creek.

"I think her and I are both very outgoing. We're both fun. We both have red hair. At least I have a red beard," Eric McGaughey said, commenting on their look.

The couple just had a new baby - Magnus - born six months ago.

"Wheel of Fortune kind of falls during his last feeding time before bed so I was always generally watching Wheel of Fortune at 6:30," Kari said.

They say Magnus isn't a fan yet - but he'll probably hear about his parents appearance his entire life.

"They don't give you any extra time so I think that was part of us being selected as well. We work really together as a team," Eric said.

They had a bit of luck when they entered a rapid-fire "Express" game mid-way through the program. That propelled them to the highest money total, sending them to the final puzzle.

They ended with a last-second flub on the final answer: saying "math book-work" instead of "math workbook".

"But that last puzzle, ugh. I literally had nightmares about it for like two weeks after the show. Because I was like 'It was so easy. It was math-something'," Kari said.

"She was telling me that we didn't win," Eric said.

"You did win. Hell yeah you won," a supportive relative said.

The couple will get a check 120 days from Monday's airdate. That's also when they will be able to schedule their the Hawaiian vacation. They are still deciding if they want to bring little Magnus.

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