A Dallas Standout is from Walworth County

NOW: A Dallas Standout is from Walworth County

The Dallas Cowboys are known for their strong offensive line, and a key component is from Southeastern Wisconsin. Center, Travis Frederick, graduated from Big Foot High School in Walworth County. He went on to play football at UW-Madison. Despite his success today, the NFL wasn't always Frederick's goal. 
"He wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, focus on his academics and that's what he wanted to do," said Frederick's high school assistant football coach, Wes Courier. "But, I think once he started playing at Wisconsin, started seeing some of his buddies drafted, that kind of changed his mind a little bit and he thought maybe this is possible.”
Frederick's high school coaches, including his Offensive and Defensive Line Coach, Steve Bochat, say he was a leader on and off the field. 
"He put in extra time in the weight room and the classroom. He was in here several hours before school, after school, lifting," said Bochat. 
In high school, Frederick volunteered in the community, was on student council and a member of the National Honor Society. His coaches say he carried those small town values with him to the NFL. 
"He’s down there helping guys up off the ground. That’s something you can’t teach. That’s something I think he was born with. He’s just a great kid all around. That’s what I think got him to the next level. Not just his athletic ability," said Bochat.  
"He still comes back to the school. He's still in the community. He still answers phone calls," said Courier.   
Frederick grew up in Packers country, so the town will be mixed on who to cheer for Sunday. Nonetheless, his former coaches, classmates and the community will still root for his success, using his accomplishments as motivation for other small town kids. 
"If you have dreams and you work hard, whether it’s academically or athletically, you can reach those dreams. It takes a lot of work, you have to put in a lot of time and effort and commitment, but if you do that good things can happen,” said Courier.  ?

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