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7 Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Car accidents themselves are incredibly dangerous. Take this danger and combine it with the exposure and vulnerability of a motorcycle and you have some of the most dangerous accidents on the road. There are many reasons that riders can be injured in accidents and we’ve compiled seven of the most common causes to help keep you and others on the road safe this summer.

  • Speeding: The higher the speed, the greater the impact and more severe the injury in the event of an accident. Slowing down and obeying speed limits is enough to save a life.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Use of drugs or alcohol totally cripples one’s ability to properly operate any motor vehicle and makes them a serious risk to everyone on the road.
  • Lane Splitting: Riders driving in between lanes of traffic can be incredibly dangerous in high traffic, and especially with inexperienced drivers.
  • Unsafe Lane Changes: Many drivers are careless and neglect to check their blind spots before changing lanes, sometimes right into the path of a cyclist.
  • Sudden Stops: Following too close or sudden braking can causes a serious injury or even death for a motorcycle rider
  • Unsafe Road Conditions: Wet roads and crumbling pavement pose a serious risk to all drivers, but none as much as riders. Riders must be mindful of road conditions to ensure they keep control of their bikes in dangerous scenarios.
  • Car Doors: Parked vehicles opening their doors without checking their surroundings have led to many motorcycle riders colliding with and being seriously injured by car doors.

There are many other threats to riders, but the common theme among them all is negligence and how simply taking care and using best driving practices can be enough to cut the amount of motorcycle crashes on our roadways significantly.

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